“Amartya Sen comments on future PM” – some thoughts shared by Mr Arun Upadhyay

Britishers set up 2 institutes to destroy India & Russia. German disgruntled Marx & Engels were called to Cambridge to create Communist literature. Later on Russia & China also spread Communist literature to others but it failed within their own countries. It survives only in India because we accept anything foreign with reverence due to our slavish mentality. Other centre was Oxford where Boden Chair was set up in 1831 with specific declared purpose of forging Vedic literature to destroy Indian civilization. That too used hired Germans like Maxmuller, Roth, Weber.

Next subversive institute was London School of Economics, Winston Churchill opposed it in British Parliament on the ground that Britain had become Bankrupt after second world war. PM Clement Atlee explained that it will teach students of third world such economics that they will ruin the economies of their own countries and case flow of wealth to Britain. Indians and other third world countries persons like Amartya Sen are trained only to blame everything Indian. To give them credibility, they are awarded Nobel prize also.

Any subversive writer like Nirad Chaudhary, Taslima Nasreen or Fizo, Laldenga, Prabhakaran who destroy their countries are honoured in Britain. In past 15 years, only those persons could become PM’s in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh who were employees of world bank. Earlier East India Company servants were ruling. Plan of Atlee has succeeded through such economists in ruining economy of India, Pakistan and improving position of Britain where all black money of these countries is going.

There are 2 fundamental defects in British education of economics to Indians-

(1) Marxism does not bother about agriculture which is fundamental industry, called basic yajna in gita, chapter 3. It is concerned only with industries.

(2) Even in Industry, it is not concerned with its growth or constructive link with other industries. It is concerned only with rights of labour not to work, but to get full salary at cost of industry. If industry does not run, labour also will suffer.

(3) Even Political party like communist party or govt needs money to run country. Monopoly increases corruption. But Marxism does not recognize revenue as component of state.

(4) Marxism does not recognize need of a model code of conduct-it blames religion as opium for masses.

(5) So called nobel laureate and top economists among UK Indians do not know basic mathematics and unable to follow econometrics which is based on statistics. They spread political views only to denigrate any all institutes of India.

Britain does not follow itself the principles taught to others-

(1) Marxism was spread from Britain with Cambridge as centre. But it was never followed there. It was only to ruin Russia and India.

(2) Britain follows monarchy and tells that an Icon is necessary to unite country. For others British parliament is projected as mother of democracy and icon is abused as idol worship.

(3) Despite bankruptcy after World War 2, Britain did not request for foreign investment. But British educated economists work only for foreign investment.

(4) British leaders want all deposits from outside in Bank of England. But slaves taught there want all deposit in foreign banks and show austerity within own country.

(5) Britain takes pride of being nation of traders and pirates, but in India, all traders are viewed as thieves and black-marketeers and rules are made accordingly.

(6) History is always twisted to show white superiority. Any stick in Iraq is weapon of mass destruction. But atom bombs of UK/USA are flowers (actually called Daisy cutters by USA).

(7) Political funding is legal in US/UK, but is illegal in India by their followers. This clears way for mass corruption in society and administration and all extra money flows to foreign banks.

European policy of devaluation of other currencies is continuing since 1600 AD. Most Indians will not trust any logic by Indian person. They can read series of large Historic novels by James Clavel for period 1600-1945.
First of the 4 novels is Shogun for period 1600-1641. Europeans succeeded in dividing all communities, but Shogun Toranaga of Japan successfully countered the move by uniting all Shogunates. He abused Christian Missionaries as agents of European colonialism and termed them as Rice Christians. Same term was given in 19th century Orissa.
Converts were divided into 4 categories-Hen, Pen, Lady, Paddy. Hen Christians converted for eating meat, Pen Christians for education and govt jobs, Lady for marrying any body without bothering for caste, education etc. Paddy Christian is same as Rice Christians as translated by James Clavel-they converted for food after the population was driven to starvation.

Planned forced starvation death of 35 lakh persons in Orissa in 1865 was by Commissioner Ravenshaw who exported all rice in year of surplus production and caused largest genocide in world. The grateful anglicized Oriyas made an college in his name and called him father of Oriya culture and language as if great poets like Jagannatha Dasa did not know Oriya language. Now, that has been made Ravenshaw University since past 5 years. To cover up that genocide, fake history was created vy Vincent Smith in 1893 about murder of 10.5 lakh Kalinga army by Ashok. No king has ever maintained such huge army, largest was 6 lakhs by Aurangzeb. Baudha text Divyavadan tells that Ashoka killed 12,000 Kain monks being angry by idol of Buddha touching feet of Mahavira (as his guru which is admitted by Bauddha texts). Mass killings of innocent peaceful monks was termed as shunning of violence by adoption of Buddhism as if all Hindus are as murderous as Ravenshaw.

Novel series of James Clavel describes how Asian currencies were devalued, metal, cloth and other industries were ruined, population was starved to death, fed with Opium and exported as slaves in name of modernization. That is going on in name of Globalization by faithful servants of British in parties formed by the British.


2 thoughts on ““Amartya Sen comments on future PM” – some thoughts shared by Mr Arun Upadhyay

  1. Sir every word written by Sri Jayasreesaranathan is absolutely true.I have seen this during my college days in the U.K.Fortunately i studied mechanical engineering and graduated with honours returning home to the Nehruvian tragedy of our beloved county,as we see it today.It is therefore absolutely necessary to bring in Narendrabhai as soon as possible to save my mother. Ganesh.

  2. excellent article by Arun….every thing India is denigrated….but every thing foreign is appreciated….still the loot is going on. Earlier it was for white man and in it is kaale agrez.

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