National Security is compromised by Ishrat case – article by Narain Kataria.



The recent charge sheet filed in Ishrat Jehan encounter in 2004 by CBI against 7 patriotic Hindu police officers is not only politically motivated and mala fide in its intent but also outrageous and reprehensible in its content. It could embolden terror outfits like Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Tayiba, The Taliban, Indian Mujahideen; and boost the morale of several other Pakistani terrorist groups waiting for an opportunity to kill and murder innocent Indian citizens.

In this case, we should understand in unambiguous terms that it is not purely the question of law and order. We are fighting a war unleashed by Pakistan and anti-Indian and fifth columnists planted by our enemies in the Indian State. It should be dealt with the full force of the State. Any weakening under the guise of human rights will give fillip to the anti-India forces waiting in the wings to tear apart Indian State.

Sonia Gandhi and her Congress is mortally afraid of Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. They are worried that if he becomes the next Prime Minister of India, Sonia Family would be put either in Tihar Jail for plundering billions of dollars from poor Indians, encouraging missionaries to convert gullible and poor Hindus by force, fraud and allurement to Christianity and indirectly supporting Islamic terrorism. Another option for the Family will be to flee from India.

We believe that CBI charge sheet is a part of the sinister conspiracy hatched between Sonia Gandhi and her political adviser Ahmad Patel. The aim of this charge sheet is to tarnish Narendr Modi’s image, destroy his credibility, nail him, fix him, disqualify him from fighting elections in 2014 even at the cost of national security.

In order to implement their mean, mendacious and atrocious design, Ahmed Patel and Sonia Gandhi have already posted several Muslims and Christians in most sensitive positions to reduce Hindus to second class citizens in their own country as mentioned in my blog:

“Salman Khurshid, Foreign Minister of India;
E. Ahmad, India’s Minister for External Affairs;
Syed Akbarddin, the spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs;
Chief of Intelligence Bureau, Syed Asif Ibrahim;
Chief Justice of India, Altmas Kabir;
Attorney General of India, Goolam E. Vahanvati;
Vice President of India Mohammed Hameed Ansari;
Health Minister Gulam Nabi Aza;,
Union Minister Farooq Abdullah, K. Rahman Khan,
Sonia Gandhi’s political Advisor Ahmad Patel all are Muslims.
Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, S.Y. Qureshi was also a Muslim.

Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi, Defense Minister A.K. Anthony, Air Chief Marshall Norman Anil Kumar Browne all are Christians.”

The Governor of Jharkhand Syed Ahmed and the Governor of Uttrakhand Dr. Aziz Qureshi, are both Muslims.
There are unconfirmed rumors that several Congress Ministers and leaders like Ambika Soni, Manish Tiwari, Anand Sharma, Jagan Reddy (not with Sonia any more), Ajit Jogi, masquerading under Hindu names are also converts to Islam or Christianity.

Several Muslims officials have been posted in very sensitive posts in CBI. For example the CBI’s Director of Prosecution Abdul Aziz was re-employed through a proposal moved by the Department of Personnel Training (DoPT) after his retirement in July when his status was equivalent to that of a Joint Secretary. CBI’s Special Director Salim Ali was specifically appointed to lead the investigation with an eye to fix Narendra Modi and and degrade, demonize and demoralize other Hindu officials of IB.

In this connection, it would be worthwhile to note that in appointing Sayed Asif Ibrahim as Chief of Intelligence Bureau, the government had overlooked three officers (Hindus?) one year senior to him in the Indian Police Service. (

It would not be out of place to mention here that Sonia Gandhi has composed a National Advisory Council (NAC). Most of its members are far left guys, leftists, communists, Muslims and Christians. They have come up with a bill “Prevention of Communal and Targetted Violence Bill”. The aim of this Bill is also to gag the voice of Hindus in their own country and terrorize them into submission.

The appointment of Najeeb Jung, last week, a Muslim Vice Chancellor President of Jamia Millia Islamis, as the Lt. Governor of Delhi has sent shock waves all over the Hindu world. Hindus look at it as a horrendous scheme to promote Islam in India.

Here are some examples of harassment of patriotic Hindu Police officials. In the past six months the CBI enquiry spearheaded by Muslim CBI officials has methodically victimized the Hindu police officers, beginning with the arrest and incarceration of G.L. Singhal. On June 4, 2013 suspended IPS officer D. G. Vanzara was arrested by the CBI, from Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad, after he was transferred a day ago from a Mumbai Jail, where he was lodged as he is an accused in Sohrabuddin Shaikh encounter killing case of 2005. Arrest warrants are pending for Gujarat Additional DGP (Crime) P.P. Pandey, who is in hiding, though he has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court to get the FIR cancelled. On May 2013, IB Special Director Rajendra Kumar summoned for interrogation.

There are several proofs (which CBI has chosen to ignore) that Ishrat Jehan was a Lashkar-e-Taiba suicide bomber. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had apparently informed the Intelligence Bureau (IB) that Ishrat Jehan was a Lashkar-e-Taiba suicide bomber.

Ishrat Jehan and Javed did a reconnaissance mission in Ahmedabad on May 13-14 and stayed at Hotel Shivganga, in Ahmedabad as a married couple after which they returned back to Uttar Pradesh. The staff at the Mezban Hotel in Lucknow claim that Sheikh and Ishrat, using the pseudonyms Abdul Rahim and Ishrat Ayesha, shared room 204 on four days in May 2004. Mohammad Wasi, a resident of Ibrahimpur in Faizabad, says the visitors tried to buy weapons from local mafioso Javed Khan. Javed and Ishrat returned to Ahmedabad on May 24, 2004 and performed a reconnaissance mission in Ahmedabad. From Ahmedabad, Ishrat went to Nasik and Javed went to pay his family a visit to Kerala. ( )

Ishrat Jahan was a part of hit squad (Amjad Ali Rana alias Babbar alias Salim, Zeeshan Johar, and Javed Gulam Sheikh) to kill L.K. Advani and Narendra Modi. This proves her guilt by association.

In February 2013, Intelligence Bureau Chief, Asif Ibrahim , though a Muslim, for a change wrote a strongly worded letter to CBI where he backed up the IB’s claim that Ishrat was an LeT operative. Indeed, Ibrahim was so convinced about the case he had, that when CBI did not desist even after his letter, he escalated the matter to Home Ministry and even PMO level.

The Gujarat High Court-appointed SIT – additional DG of Central Industrial Security Force R R Verma, additional DG Mohan Jha and inspector general Satish Verma – agree: the four, who were killed in the encounter, had links with terrorist outfits.

In the backdrop what has been stated above, it is clear that Sonia and Ahmed Patel are hell bent on tarnishing Narendra Modi’s image at any cost. In order to win Muslim votes, they would even go to any extent to compromise national security.

Sonia and Ahmed Patel are misusing CBI to achieve their anti-India agenda. It is a paradox that many Hindus are supporting them for their personal aggrandizement. It is a matter of great regret and shame that seeds of suspicion are being sown between two nationally important intelligence agencies by the Congress Party. This is tantamount to treason and could endanger Indian security system.

It is a matter of great concern that on one hand China and Pakistan are hobnobbing to encircle India from outside, and on the other hand Sonia and Ahmed Patel in collaboration with anti-national forces are weakening and destroying India and Hindus from within.

Narain Kataria


Indian American Intellectuals Forum
Tel: (718) 478-5735/(718) 271-0453


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