Obama has more parody accounts than MMS.






Parody accounts, sarcasm and general irreverence are as much a hallmark of Twitter as are breaking news updates and celebrity tweets, and by cracking down on an entire culture, the PMO is just reaffirming what many already suspect. They have no sense of humour and are not really in tune with how social media works. Nor is Dr Manmohan Singh the only leader of a nation to be parodied in 140 characters or less. President Barack Obama has several parody accounts as do the Queen, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Prince Charles and a number of US senators. And even if one were to argue that the Indian parody accounts look a little too much like the original, then surely their content sets them apart? And in the case of @PMOIndia, now that it seems to have been officially verified by Twitter, where does the problem of confusion arise? Twitter’s official policies do not allow impersonation, but asks users to reveal they are a parody in the account’s username or biography. Why? Because it’s all in good fun and everyone enjoys a laugh. Everyone but the PMO apparently.


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