Indonesian earthquake – season of earthquake begins…..

Mother earth lost her patience for a couple of minutes this afternoon. Most of us felt the effect of it! The severe earthquake  that struck Indonesia at 2.32 pm local time was felt by many in Tamilnadu. A tsunami alert also has been made. But the sky gods say that even though the tsunami threat is there, loss of life will be minimal.

The regular readers of this site will be aware of how the skies indicate an impending earthquake. For quick reading, the following article is enough.

Earthquake at Chile – Astrological pointers.

For detailed understanding, this link will be useful:

With the Martian signs (Aries and Scorpio) coming under malefic aspect of the nodes and Mars and Saturn too, we can say a season of earthquakes had just begun which will last until the year end, when the Mayan date of destiny occurs.

Today’s earthquake, though coming with tsunami indicators, might not result in heavy causalities because the Moon has just crossed the Martian signs. It was in Gandandha of Jyeshta and Moola, but had actually entered moola. Moola places it in Varuna type of earthquake which if occurs at night time, would have caused devastation through waters.  The 2nd link given above will give explanation for what I meant by Varuna type.

Today’s earthquake can be depicted as follows:








The stress areas can be depicted as follows:








  • Martian signs, Aries and Scorpio are afflicted.
  • Earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are afflicted.
  • Whenever Rahu, Ketu and Mars connection come to the Martian signs and reinforced by Saturn, earthquakes take place.
  • All the 3 watery signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are afflicted by aspect of malefics showing tsunami threat.
  • Affliction to Virgo, shows the centre at Indonesia. In the coming months (between 21st June and 13th August) , Mars and Saturn are going to occupy Virgo together.  Earthquake and tsunami threats will be there when moon transits Scorpio and Sagittarius in that period. Earthquake threat will be there when moon transits Taurus during that period.
  • Even if Mars moves out of Virgo by 14th August, earthquake threat continues as Mars passes through Libra and Scorpio. The threat period lasts till the year end.

In the immediate future, the period around June 4, 2012 shows up a strange combination for earthquakes and tsunamis. A partial lunar eclipse also occurs then which will not be visible in India. I have mentioned this date in my article in the 2nd link above.


The West comes under the impact zone. The day has a planetary combination as depicted here

We can see that all the ‘eyes’ will be on Scorpio on that day where Moon will be passing the Gandandha star Jyeshta!






Moon is heavily afflicted occupying a watery sign. . All the parameters for earthquake and tsunami are there in this combination. The direction of the sign is west and also north. The western and northern coastlines of the Americas come under this. This is not to scare anyone, but an observation based on verification of the past records of earthquakes.

Jyeshta falls in Indra type therefore heightening threat by water, only if the earthquake occurs at night time. Fortunately, inspite of the continuing combination for earthquakes in the coming months, the affliction to moon could happen only in Indra and Varuna type. In these two types, the earthquake impact will not travel for very long distances as happened in 2004 Indonesian earthquake and tsunami. The impact zone will be limited. Affliction to moon means threat to life. Therefore it is deduced that the impact will be limited to a limited number of people and a limited zone.


One thought on “Indonesian earthquake – season of earthquake begins…..

  1. Good article, as the saying goes, ‘ the proof is in the pudding’ – praying that the loss of life should be minimal.

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