‘Kanimozhi belongs to upper echelons’ – she is not a shudra!

The rejection of bail application of Kanimozhi by the special court on 2 G scam has evoked a positive response from the people of  the country. This was a keenly awaited judgment because the happenings in the last few months have raised doubts about the sincerity of the CBI and suspicions on behind-the- scene manipulations. People almost lost faith until the Supreme Court asked the CBI to explain what it told the Saini court on no-objection to the bail of Kanimozhi. I think that was the strong message to the trial court on how it must take the proceedings.
Karunanidhi’s visit to Sonia also came at a wrong time when suspicions were growing on the way the trial was taking shape. Had the trial court granted bail to Kanimozhi, it would have sent a wrong signal to the general public that Justice has been ‘bought’ by Karunanidhi through his meeting with Sonia! It is a quotable quote from Karunanidhi that a judgment can be termed as ‘bought’ or ‘delivered’ depending on whose favour it is given. (வாங்கப்பட்ட தீர்ப்பு அல்லது வழங்கப்பட்ட தீர்ப்பு)  This judgment on bail to Kanimozhi has assured the people that it is a ‘delivered’ one – not a bought one!
In an irony of sorts Karunanidhi is finding the reversal of all that he had promoted. He is learning the hard facts in a hard way. He must have learned by now that money can not buy everything, or at least it can not buy judgments where it concerns his own daughter.  He must have learned that destiny does exist and that it will strike him where he is most vulnerable and at a time when he is the weakest. Even now nothing stops him from telling the world that it is he who was the brain behind the scam (at least concerning the money flow to Kalaignar TV) and that Kanimozhi was only a mask.
Of all the wrong doings that he had done – which he would have to pay back in a future birth- the worst one is the way he denigrated Brahmins. He poisoned the minds of nearly 2 generations of people of Tamilnadu by feeding them with hatred against Brahmins that they as superior castes were the oppressors of all the other sections of the society. He has lamented umpteen number of times that he is discriminated because he is a shudra. He said the same for A.Raja. But Judiciary does not think like him.
Justice Saini has said that his daughter is from an upper class!
Caste does not matter because it is  money that determines whether one is an upper class or not. Karunanidhi himself knows what money can do. Money rules and it can influence. History is replete with instances that show that moneyed class have a nexus with power. The Brahmins never had money power. Even if they are said to have advisory wisdom, the king or rulers need not listen to them unless it suits them. It is the ruler or the powerfully moneyed person who calls the shots. This reality has been outlined by Justice Saini. Though he said this to convey that Kanimozhi was not discriminated against, it also conveys that caste is not a deciding factor for the status of superiority one enjoys. I consider this observation of the Justice Saini as the real slap on the mischievous propaganda of Karunanidhi.
From astrological point of view, I think Kanimozhi is Karunanidhi’s nemesis.
I don’t know the exact time of birth of Kanimozhi, but said the above statement on the basis of Naadi principles on planetary karaka for father. Given below is the horoscope for the day of her birth.
She is currently running her Mercury Mahadasa.
For the kind of jail term that she had from May onwards this year, I guess that her lagna must have been Pisces.
For Pisces lagna, the lagna lord and the 6th lord are afflicted causing Bhandana yoga (confinement). The lagna lord is in the 6th and aspected by malefic Mars from the 12th. The 6th lord Sun is aspected by Saturn and Ketu. If Pisces is her lagna, conviction is certain. The arrest must have happened in Mercury – Jupiter as Mercury is the Baadhak lord.
Mercury  joins the 6th lord Sun which also happens to be the kaarak for father, in the karmasthaan. The lord of Karmasthaan is Jupiter and is in retrogression in the 9th (purva punya) from karmasthaan which also happens to be the 6th house (of deliverance of judgment for 12th house significance) from the lagna.
Moreover Jupiter (karma lord / profession) and Sun (father) have an inauspicious parivarthana yoga (10th and 6th lords in ashubha parivarthana). The previous janma- karma for this parivarthan to take place in one’s natal horoscope are slanderous campaign on innocents, defamation, breaking a family by separating the couple, ill-treatment of the spouse, making others lose their jobs and causing diseases to others. (Source: Brahma Rishi Vaakyam) .
Her troubles would have started in Mercury dasa- Jupiter Bhukthi and now continuing in Saturn Bhukthi. The next dasa is that of Ketu which is posited in the 8th house in the star of 9th lord Mars. From the sign of Moon Ketu is in the 9th house. All these show a connected destiny between father and the native.
Until this I wrote on the basis of the assumption that her lagna is Pisces. Now let us see how to derive results in the absence of lagna.
In Naadi texts, the sages combine the signifactors and the corresponding bhava lord from lagna for predictions. The prediction for father is made from the sun and the 9th house and for mother, from moon and the 4th house.
In Kanimozhi’s horoscope the Sun is in Sagittarius, joining its baadahak lord Mercury. Saturn the lord of 2nd and 3rd from the Sun aspects the 6th and 10th houses from the Sun and also casts its 10th aspect on the Sun.  The lord of the sun sign (Jupiter) is well placed in the 9th with a favourable parivarthana between the sun sign and the Jupiter sign. This shows that from the time of birth of this daughter, Karunanidhi would have risen in wealth and fortunes.
However this Jupiter receives the aspect of the 8th and 12th lords  (Moon and Mars) from the sun. In addition, the Sun is in debility in the Navamsa joined by an exalted Saturn. As a result, though the first round of Saturn in her horoscope would have made life good for the father, the 2nd round will not do the same.
The inauspicious aspect of Saturn and Ketu on Sun will be manifest when the natal sun is aspected / associated by transit Saturn and Rahu / Ketu. Such a time occurred when Saturn was transiting Gemini when Karunanidhi was out of power. A similar situation is going to occur now when Saturn transits in Libra. At that time, Sun, the karak for father will be receiving the aspect of both the natal Saturn and transit Saturn. This coincides with Rahu transiting Anusham (saturn’s star).
It must also be noted that Saturn as 2nd lord to Sun has maarak potential. From Libra, it casts its aspect on the Sun, the 5th house from Sun (Purva punya of father and his children) and the 8th house from the sun. These areas will be affected in the transit of Saturn in Libra.
The reading is as follows: Age is calculated on the basis of the transit of Saturn. When Saturn is in Libra Kanimozhi would have finished her 45th year. In her 46th / 47th year, her father’s health would get affected. His children would face sufferings (native). This coincides with Karunanidhi’s horoscope when his Mars bhukthi in Venus dasa will be running. (Dec 2012 to Jan 2014)
Going by the sun sign of Kanimozhi, her father’s rise and fall are intertwined with her fate!

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