Is Narendra Modi a bad person?

Needless to say that Sri Narendra Modi is one of the very few highly maligned persons in Independent India. As an astrologer I have a natural curiosity to know about his true self through his birth details and his palm lines. I am not sure about his birth details, but what I got recently tallies with his life and also match with his palm-lines.
Here I am producing his palm image that shows a balanced and flawless nature with a long life and a good fate line going towards his middle finger. His left hand image is shown. People think that we must see right hand for men and left hand for women. No, it is not so. For any gender, the handedness matters. For a right-handed person, the left hand shows what his previous karma was like and his right hand shows what he is actually in this birth. For a right handed person, the right hand is the ‘living hand’ – showing how he / she is leading life in this birth. The reverse is for the left handed person. When I searched for Modi’s hands, I got an impression that he is a left hander, though for auspicious reasons, he is using his right hand. I could get clear picture of his left hand only.
Shown here is his left palm image. See the clear and balanced formation of the 4 major lines namely, life line, head line, heart line and fate line. They do not show any bad nature or a cruel and calculated nature against others. In other words, his hand does not speak of him as a bad person. The palm impression shows a balanced personality.
In contrast, I am producing the right palm image of Jawaharlal Nehru.
See the contrast in lines.
I am leaving it to the readers to draw conclusions.

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