Karunanidhi defends Maran – what else he can do?

From an earlier stance that Maran would  defend himself, Karunanidhi
has shifted to a new stance saying that he backs Maran now.
When everyone expected that MK would completely turn away form Maran,
this stance comes as a surprise.
But the short note he read from a paper says it all.

He read out that
“In the whole world, especially in a country like India,
the media is ruling and (it) can defame anyone.”

This is precisely what the Marans attempted to do
in the Dinakaran survey against Azagiri and Kanimozi
and this is again what they did against MK government
when they fell out with him in the aftermath of the Dinakaran episode.

MK called for a truce then,
apparently to stop them from doing harm to him and the DMK
through their media.
And now he blames the media for the fall of Maran.

Does he think that the Marans would play foul against him through their media
if he keeps them at a distance in their hour of crisis?
It seems so.
Otherwise why should MK revise his previous stance
despite considerable reasons for mistrust against the Marans in his second house?

Now after Maran, who is next?
I wish TR Balu fits the bill.

I want Balu to be re inducted,
or how else his misdemeanors in Ram Sethu project would come under focus of media scrutiny?

It is indisputable that media does play a role in exposing these looters.
But the UPA government listens only to the English media and the North media.
That is why I want them to ‘expose’ Balu also.
How could that happen unless Balu comes into focus by bagging a seat for himself?


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