Don’t touch Lord Padmanabha’s treasures



Much hue and cry is being raised about the hidden treasures found in the cellers of Ananatha Padmanaabha swamy temple in Trivandrum. Some have even said that this is ‘hidden black money’ of the Lord!! Did they ever think over why this wealth was hidden and how this wealth got accumulated? It was obviously to escape from the devouring hands of the colonial rulers.


The temples have been the richest ones in this country – richer than the kings. All the best of things – jewels, gems, food items, cloths etc were dedicated to God. The God Himself becomes the custodian of that wealth. Infact there is nothing that a person can claim as his. Everything in Nature and in Creation belongs to Him. Even our very soul, the Athman belongs to Him. That is the basic concept of Hinduism which is a rational explanation on existence. So people of this country including Kings did not claim anything as theirs and dedicated everything to God. That is how the temples became rich places.


It is because the temples were places of wealth; the Muslim invaders targeted the temples. The fact that not one temple of olden past exists in North India today is because they all have been raided and destroyed by the invaders. Only some South Indian temples have escaped the wrath of these barbaric raiders.


Of them, Lord Padmanabha swamy temple is one as it had been under the patronage of Travacore kings until recently. But then this temple has such secret chambers goes to show that they have obviously managed to conceal the wealth of God from the British or their coteries.


Now that this wealth has become known to politicians, we have to be vigilant that they do not loot the wealth on some pretext.


First of all anyone toying with the idea of using this wealth to be distributed to people, must know what happens to

(1) the ones who think so,

(2) who really do so and

(3) who finally enjoy that.  



There is an adage in Tamil ‘Kovil soththu kula naasam”.

  • The one who loots or steals and uses the wealth of theTemplewill have his lineage terminated within 3 generations.
  • He will lose his wealth in this birth itself and will be born in ‘paamara yoga’ – in utter destitution.

Look at the way Karunanidhi’s family is running around to do propitiations.

Would that help?

How much of public money and even temple money they would have enjoyed illegally?

In this age of Kali, the re-actionary karma would be manifest within one’s life time.


  • All the 3 category people (mentioned above) who get involved in using that wealth would be born with chronic ulcer of the stomach, chronic breathing and lung problems and incurable skin diseases in their next birth.
  • The male lineage will stop after 3 generations and those born after the 3rd generation will be born with defective organelle system.


God’s money do not belong to us – let people have no doubt about it.

Particularly this God of Thiruvanathapuram is known for helping the people get back their lost property!


This boon of Lord Anantha Padmanabha

was told by Lord Krishna to Yudhsitira

when they were exiled after losing all their wealth.

Lord Krishna advised him to do a ritual for Lord Anantha Padmanabha

in the waxing phase of Bhadrapada month

which is also known as Pithru paksha.

Every year a knot is made on the sacred thread to show that the ritual is progressing.

On the 14th year, 14 knots are made and the ritual is completed.

After completion of this ritual, the Pandavas got back their kingdom.


Since there is a practice to regard a day as equivalent of a year,

people do this vratha for 14days in the Bhadrapada month and

finish it on the 14th day.

Nowadays the vratha is done on the 14th day only (Chathurdasi).

This vratha focusing on Lord Anantha Padmanaabha swamy

was aimed at getting lost goods and wealth,

reuniting with near and dear ones who were not seen for years and

reunion with separated ones.


It is an irony that the wealth that is offered to this Lord

with a view to get back lost wealth,

itself is now speculated to be taken away from the Lord!!



There is special information on this Lord related to the patron kings, the Marthandas.

The very country of Travancore under the ruler ship of Maharaja Marthanda varma was gifted by him to Lord Anantha Padmanabha swamy!

So legally the entire Trivandrum and

adjoining places belong to this Lord.

Please read this eye opening article by Smt Sasikala Teacher in this link :-



The Marthanda connection to this Lord shows another importance of this Lord.

Marthand is the name of Sun.

The Sun God is known by 12 different names for the 12 months

that the Sun moves around the zodiac.

But once in 2 and half years, an additional month comes.

This is done to equate the lunar and solar months

The sun completes one round in 365.25 days

whereas the moon completes in 354 days.

The difference of 11.25 days is accumulated and

comes to 28.15 days in 2 and a half years.

This additional month is the adhik masa.

This is the 13th  month whose lord is Marthanda  (another name for Sun).

In Adhithya Hruthayam,

we will find this name “Marthand”

It means the Lord who creates the world after a deluge!



The oldest temple for Sun as found inIndiatoday was dedicated to Marthand

which is inKashmir.

It is really intriguing that a Sun temple is there at a place

where the Sun does not shine overhead.

The reason can be known only from the meaning of Marthand.


After the deluge Vaivasvatha Manu and his people

were led into the river Saraswathy and

reached  Naubhandana in theHimalayas.

They started a fresh life after that.

The first worship they could do was to thank Marthand

who blesses a revival after deluge.

Also they had to offer oblations to the people who died in the deluge.

For that also, Marthand is worshiped.

The adhik masa is devoted to Pithru related ceremonies.

The Lord of the adhik masa is Marthand.

The Marthanda varman of  Tarvancore might have had

some connection with Marthand worshippers of the olden order

in the Saraswathi basin or in theHimalayas.

Their attachment to Lord Padmanabha also shows

a connection to regaining the lost wealth or land or  glory.



Such being the greatness of Lord Padmanabha,

the best course of action is to adorn the deity with traditional jewellery

gifted by the kings and

make each day a Uthsav day for the deity.

When the energy spread by the deity is well kept up through Uthsavs,

the community also gets energized.

The pilgrims and people of the locality will flourish.

This is how the people will become better off and

not by robbing the deity of His riches.

There is enough wealth kept in Swiss banks and

wealth looted by politicians.

The government can very well bring back that wealth and use them for the people.







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