Baba Ramdev eviction – Govt did not sense the mood of the nation.

The shabby way the Government has stalled Baba Ramdev’s fast, with the foul mouthed Digvijay Singh taking center stage is a bad strategy that could cost the Congress dear. The Congress led Government does not seem to understand  the mood of the Nation which can be defined in simple terms as “People versus Politicians.”  The rise of Anna Hazare or a Baba Ramdev taking up cudgels against the government shows only 2 things –
(1) there is no political leader in the country to reflect the thoughts and mood of the people and
(2) the people are clearly angry with the way the Government is running for the corrupt, by the corrupt and to shield the corrupt.
The Government and Congress do not seem to understand that people as a nation have matured as thinking people, thanks to the huge proportion of youth forming the populace who can not stand the 3 C, caste, corruption and communal politics which is what the Congress stands for – thereby making Congress the 4th C making it fit to be thrown out.

There is no way for the people to show their distrust in the Congress and its governance  other than backing up any person who comes forward to provide a platform to express people’s disenchantment with the establishment. The Government may be thinking that it has ‘successfully’ stopped Baba Ramdev today, but tomorrow some one else will come up because such is the frustration running across the country.
The centre of the storm is the Congress party which is not showing any sign of improvement in its commitment to check corruption.
The foremost examples are its truck with the DMK and reluctance to reveal black money holders. With the Congress not understanding the mood of the Nation which wants a clean and honest governance, we are likely to see more and more agitations cropping up in the coming months.
The only message from the people is – : “Behave well or else leave”.






( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai, and Associate of the Chennai Centre For China Studies. E-mail: )


The ham-handed handling of Baba Ramdev’s movement against foreign bank accounts of Indian nationals by the Government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh does not speak well either of the Government headed by him or of the Congress (I) headed by Mrs.Sonia Gandhi or of the senior bureaucracy advising the PM.

2. Public anger against the perceived lack of action by the Government to detect and proceed legally against the holders of illegal accounts abroad had been building up at least for a year, if not longer. This anger was more faithfully and accurately reflected in the NET than in the print and electronic media.

3.While the electronic media played a commendable role in reflecting public anger over the foot-dragging by the Government in taking action on charges of corruption against certain political leaders, it did not take serious note of the NET anger over Government’s perceived inaction against illegal accounts held abroad by Indian nationals.

4.Repeated examples of cover-up by the Government in the Bofors case where one had useful leads of some illegal accounts held abroad by some of the dramatis personae in the Bofors scandal created strong suspicions in the minds of many that there must be other such instances of cover-up by the Government to prevent the truth from being found out in respect of foreign accounts.

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