A season of confessions.

The famous saying that “tough times do not last, but tough people do” – seems not applicable in the case of politicians caught in tough situations. Revelations and realizations are reeled out when they find the going tough for them, little realizing how such revelations can turn against them. Here are some revelations which are actually in the nature of confessions heard in the last few days.

(1)   Karunanidhi takes the lead among others by his confession on who is actually calling the shots in the Kalaignar TV. Not long ago, he distanced himself from the Kaliagnar TV saying that the only thing that is common with him and the TV is the name ‘Kalaignar’ and that he has no connection with the TV. But with the CBI having caught Kanimozhi in the net for her connection with the Kalignar TV, Karunanidhi is out in the open with the confession that “Only I compelled Kanimozhi to become a shareholder in Kalaignar TV. She did so only to satisfy me even though she did not relish that idea herself. She did no other crime” (From Karunanidhi’s statement released on May 21, 2011).

So he has admitted that Kanimozhi joined the board due to his insistence. What will he say for the inclusion of his wife Dayalu Ammaal in the TV? Obviously that was also due to his insistence. That means they became major shareholders controlling 80%, because he had wanted them to be there. Is this not a proof of his ownership of the TV?  If Kani and Dayalu joined because he wanted it to be so, for whose sake money was given by Balwa? Why the CBI is not taking his statement on Kanimozhi as his admission of his ownership of the TV?

(2)   The second most interesting confession is the one told by Dayanidhi Maran – now known through wikileaks and published by The Hindu. Generally the Marans have a penchant for speaking the truth. One such truthful revelation resulted in the burning of their Magazine office (Dinakaran). When not in good terms with Karunanidhi, truth and nothing but truth seems to flow out of their mouth. Dayanidhi Maran had ‘confessed’ to the US official that Karunanidhi’s resignation threat on the Srilankan issue was a ‘drama’ and that his party men are experts in looting public money as soon as they get into power.

For details:-



(3)   It seems people have been influenced enough by the Dravidian school of Karunanidhi only to deliver it in action. One such action was the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.  This confession comes from Kumaran Pathmanthan of LTTE that the DMK ideology of anti Brahmanism influenced Prabhakaran and that was perhaps the reason for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi fulfills the slot as a Brahmin (really?) and an Aryan as well. The Dravidian ideology of Karunanidhi  demands that such persons need to be liquidated.   Perhaps this is the perfect description of what the DMK ‘ideology’ stands for.

On Pathmanathan’s confession:-


No one needs to worry whether this confession by Pathmanathan would upset the bond between DMK and Congress. Even as this confession was being read by millions of people, we also heard a simultaneous assurance from Sonia Gandhi (as told by her emissary) that she is sad about Kanimozhi in jail. She had been quiet all these days but suddenly wanted to express her feelings for Kanimozhi after Karunnaidhi went all the way to Tihar jail to talk to his daughter.

What he would have told to Kani is Sonia’s guess and that perhaps led her to express her feelings for Kanimozhi.

What did Karunanidhi convey to his daughter?

Did he ask her to become an approver?

Is Karunanidhi a kind of person who will allow the other to go scot-free at his own expense?

If he knows that his house is going to fall, will he fall simply like that?

Will he not see to it that his co-looter’s house also is brought down along with his own?

Would we see such a day when Kanimizhi makes a Confession on the combined loot of the 2 G case – so that it would satisfy Karunanidhi’s ideology – ” together we loot, together we are caught”

If it becomes certain that Karunanidhi’s family can not escape the noose, he would not spare Sonia Gandhi.

Sonia seems to have sensed it in his camping in New Delhi.

Every time MK goes to Delhi, he goes with a personal agenda.

This time it is a very crucial agenda of do or die.

He will do and if faced with the choice of death, he will also pull down Sonia along with him.

Otherwise why should Sonia send an olive branch very late,

after MK visited Tihar jail (of all the places on earth!)

Let us wait and see if the Ultimate Confession would come out through Kanimozhi.


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