The price of Family over People = Kanimozi in jail

The much awaited news has come. Kanimozi is behind the bars.
Karunanidhi has reacted that his feelings are that of a father. The cause of the problem is that he has always seen himself as a father and as a family man in his role as the head of the State. His reaction reminds of some incidents from Tamil’s history.
One is the story of Manu neethi Chozan.  When he came to know that his son had killed a calf by riding his chariot on it, he did the same thing to his son as a matter of justice. He ran his chariot over his son and killed him as a duty bound king who has to deliver justice to his subjects including the 4 legged animals. He did not show  his personal feelings as a father when his son was found to have committed a wrong. That king was said to have delivered that judgment to his son in Thiruvarur where Karunanidhi won the elections about a week ago.
Karunanidhi is not a Manu neethi chozan – while in power or without power, because the only neethi he has followed is nenjukku neethi for the sake of his kith and kin. Such a person has poisoned the minds of Tamils for nearly half a century. It is time that people / his supporters realize the inner nature of Karunanidhi and leave him.
We can expect the common man to dump him, but we can not expect the Congress party to do that. They are doomed to sink along with Karunanidhi. So be it.
Another incident is that of Velir king Aay Andiran.
The poet praises him that he is not an ‘aravilai vaNigan’ (அறவிலை வணிகன்). 

It means that he will not bargain on dharma, that is he will not do a thing thinking that it will get him good results or punya. He used to do things just for the sake of doing them as king and not expecting personal gains for him. Such kings had ruled the Tamil lands, where a Karunanidhi did not even spare the language of Tamil. Even his contribution to the growth of Tamil was aimed with a gain for himself.
Yet another incident is that of an explanation on how the Tamil kings divided their time between Dharma, artha and kaama (அறம், பொருள், இன்பம்).
They spent their first part of their day on dharma, meeting the people who came to them  for help etc., the 2nd part of the day was spent of State affairs and on raising the income for the country. The 3rd part of their day was spent on personal life. Therefore, says the poet, they can go to the king in the time when he will be doing dharma so that they do not have to wait to get an audience with him.
Here we had Karunanidhi dividing his time between two wives, dividing his meals between two homes with the result the officials  will know where to go at what part of the day!! Such was the disgusting routine of this person who ruled Tamils for a quarter century.
Karunanidhi is an anathema for anything that stands for Tamil’s name and fame.
In the similar vein of what he said, I feel like telling that my feelings are that of a Tamil who has some idea about how our ancestors have had a fine time under the rulership of ancient Tamil kings but cheated by this man who exploited anything and everything of Tamil, Tamil people and their pride.
Tamil history has got a ruler -for the first time perhaps –who was not at all qualified to rule the Tamil people. Let him continue his journey as a father first and last. Before closing, I cannot help thinking that as a father also he cheated his daughter. He disowned her when someone at the time of her birth raised the question whether he was her father.
But now he has returned to her.
Daddy returns!

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